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ADDICTIONS SERVICES - Outpatient Services

        It is the philosophy of the Carroll County Outpatient Addictions Program that addictions is a chronic, progressive and potentially fatal disease that manifests itself through various physical, social, familial, and psychological symptoms. We believe that addictions is a treatable illness, but not curable. We follow the traditional model of recovery which emphasizes abstinence from alcohol and all other contraindicated mood-altering drugs. We recognize that clients have different treatment needs and so we employ and individualized treatment plan for each person who is admitted to the program. Since addictions also have a significant impact on the family members and friends of users, we encourage their involvement in our treatment programs. This is done in order to not only help them with their own problems as a result of being "co-dependent or enablers", but also it enables our staff to provide more comprehensive service to the addicted person.

        All persons are eligible for services regardless of their race, sex, age, color, handicap status, national origin, marital status, religious affiliation, sexual preference or political opinion. Ability to pay is not a criteria of eligibility, but those that are financially able will have a fee based on a sliding fee scale that is set by the State of Maryland.

        Anyone can make an appointment for an evaluation and/or counseling by telephoning our facility. We accept referrals from physicians, the courts, Parole and Probation, any other professional agency, or the identified client may make an appointment himself or herself. We will accept referrals from families or friends as long as the person in question is agreeable to receiving our services. Only residents of Carroll County are eligible for ongoing counseling services. In emergency situations people from outside the county will be seen and then referred on to the appropriate resource for treatment.

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Outpatient Adult Therapy

Education Awareness - Phase I - Nine Sessions

Goal: To increase the patient's understanding of:
  • Addictions as a disease
  • The disease/recovery process
  • Resources available to support abstinence from alcohol and other drugs.

The Sobriety Support Group -Phase II - Ten Sessions

Goal: Therapy with abstinence during the minimum three months of the group. Through a supportive environment, clients become aware of what constitutes recovery and sobriety. Day groups available as necessary.

Women's Group - Day and Evening Groups Available - 14 two-hour Sessions

Goal: To provide women with information on gender-specific issues such as support, spirituality, family dysfunction/issues, addictions education, depression/anxiety, setting goals, relationships, co-dependency/enabling, self-esteem/self-image.

Continued Care Group - Minimum of Six Weeks

Goal: To provide support and group counseling to clients who have completed the inpatient portion of a residential program while they adjust to the transition from a controlled environment to full self-sufficiency.

Outpatient Services

Located in Carroll County Health Department
290 S. Center Street
Westminster, MD 21157

Director of Addiction Services: Susan Doyle, R.N., C.A.R.N.
Addiction Program Coordinator: Michele Ulsch, LCSW-C, LCPC-AD

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Additional Resources

Detention Center Program

Administered by Carroll County Health Department
Located in the Carroll County Detention Center
100 N. Center St.
Westminster, MD 21157

Adolescent Treatment

Referred to Youth Services Bureau